About Hunter

One of the leading companies specialized in investing in the cryptocurrency market. The company offers new and innovative solutions to serve the cryptocurrency market users around the world, through applications that facilitate access to blockchain technology and making the best benefit out of this technology.

This makes accessing and investing in this market easy and accessible to everyone.

The company is legally licensed in Turkey
TAX NO: 4641809752

Technical and commercial features



HCC provides its clients with all the benefits of blockchain technology such as transparency, traceability, and stability...

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Smart Contract

To add more security and accuracy, Hunter has used the smart contract feature, it is basically a self-executing contract in which terms and conditions

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Hunter App (Wallet)

Hunter has developed a wallet application for the project, The new application that makes it easy to get financial freedom ...

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Stages of financial value

Share our success and invest with us in HCC

1 December 2021
20 December 2021

we proudly had succeeded in selling 26 million HCC in 46 days

Invest in hunter
Listing on xt.com
13 FEBRURAY 2022
Listing on hoo.com
25 MARCH 2022

Staking plans

Hunter provides great staking plans with attractive returns
Gain more rewards by staking your HCC’s

3 Months
17% HCC
6 Months
45% HCC
12 Months
60% HCC

Our future projects



A professional interactive platform that aims at create an ideal place to gather traders and analysts to exchange deals and analyzes, to be the first organized and specialized platform in this field, where the platform is the third-party guarantor of the rights and credibility of all parties



A cryptocurrency Exchange developed by Hunter team, contains the most popular currencies demanded by traders, where user can buy or sell cryptocurrencies in spot and futures with low fees, and it relies on a highly efficient security system to protect users' data



A financial brokerage platform where Hunter Company is the third-party guarantor of the transactions made through it, the application supports many payment methods with low fees, and it uses a high security level to protect the privacy and money of users



Referral Programs

Our referral program is easy to use and designed to increase profits. Everyone who has an HCC account can invite their friends to take advantage of our referral system. Our innovative direct marketing idea is that the investor gets wonderful and encouraging profits by adding investors through his referral link, Those profits are a percentage of the referred clients’ investments as follows:
1st level (direct referral) 8% - 2nd level 3% - 3rd level 2% - 4th level 1% - 5th level 1%
The minimum investment is only $20 That makes Project Hunter's referral system one of the best and most profitable marketing programs for the client.

No Expiration Day

No Expiration Day

Unlimited Invitations

Unlimited Invitations

Unlimited Bounces

Unlimited Bounces

Hunter Whitepaper

This document shows in detail Project Hunter's concept, roadmap and how it plans to grow in the future.

Its primary objective is to provide potential HCC holders with the necessary information so they can accurately analyze the project and create an informed decision.



You can find latest updates and services for Project Hunter by visiting Hunter blog


Download Mobile App

Hunter mobile ease your life. You can access directly from your mobile to enjoy HCC features:

  • Compatible with different devices

    You can connect from your mobile and tablet (iOS or Android) to check news, your account or event make an order, buy and sell.

  • Manage your referral program

    One click away, just generate your code and send it to your close circle. Once they invest, you start building your new crypto fortune.

  • Stake your money

    HCC offer staking alternative with a stable revenue from 7 to 35%. Discover our staking program and start winning without even speculating.

News and announcements

Official announcements by Hunter project


Ending HCC Presale rounds

Ending HCC Presale rounds December 30, 2021   At Hunter Crypto Coin Company, we are excited about the potential of cryptocurrencies and the products and services that have come with them. However, as the crypto market has seen several crises...

Frequently Asked Questions

Hunter Crypto Coin AKA “HCC” is a new crypto currency launched by the reputable broker Mr. Ibrahim SAID. The founder is planning to launch projects that helps the stability of the coin and its continuous growth.
The founder, Mr. Ibrahim SAID, is one of the best Crypto-Coin trading advisors leading thousands of members on professional and social platforms.
The payment method of HCC are Prepaid codes and by crypto currencies.
HCC will launch its presale in the last quarter of 2021. The presale will take 3 rounds.
HCC will launch its presale for 0.01 US Dollars. The price of the 2nd and the 3rd round to be decided.
More than 100 million HCC will be offered within the Presale stages. The total supply of HCC will be 500 million coins.
HCC is planning to be listed in the first quarter of 2022. The company is preparing several partnership with successful companies in the market worldwide.

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