Avoid Scam

To be safe from scams you have to know as much as possible about the Crypto Currency that you’re willing to invest in, therefore we provide our investors with the highest level of transparency by having the following assets open to the public for everyone

Hunter CryptCoin Whitepaper

The white paper includes all the technical and legal information about the coin and the company behind it which is Hunter LTD and you can find all about the company information from the about us page.

Hunter CryptoCoin Transactions

Everyone all around the globe can see the Hunter CryptoCoin transactions on the blockchain instantly and transparently through the Swapping / Exchange websites.

Hunter Smart Contract

To support the HCC value stability we enforced many trading rules using the Smart Contract feature which is simply software that may be
installed and executed on a Blockchain. It executes code in response to transactions provided to it and keeps track of state and funds/tokens (Hunter) on the ledger. To put it another way, think of it as a state machine operating on the Blockchain with a public address that you can use to push or withdraw the state. These exchanges are capable of moving money as well as data.

Hunter Cryptocoin Blockchain

Transparency, traceability, unchangeability, and decentralization are the essential qualities of BlockChain, which is Unlike other types of
infrastructure software, which are controlled by a centralized authority. The blockchain's transactions constitute an unalterable record of the blockchain's history. Furthermore, any modification or transaction in the blockchain history may be tracked and inspected, making the blockchain history more transparent.

Hunter CryptoCoin founder

Mr. Ibrahim Alahmad is one of the most reputable stock and CryptoCurrency advisors and traders with more than 200,000 followers and copiers in his active communities with VIP members from the Middle East and the Arabian region.