Our Projects


Hunter exchange is an exchange mobile application that provides the best experience for the traders and allows reaching the global markets from one place.

Hunter Exchange is a simple and safe way to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, HCC and more. We target to attract more than 100.000 trader within the 1st year. We aim to acquire an exchange licenses to operate across Turkey, Europe, Russia and gulf countries.

We will launch our first version with 7 popular Crypto Currencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Once we validate the business, our goal is to become the bridge of crypto entrepreneur to succeed a first stage trading.

We are planning to have an Easy-to-use trading interfaces, making trading simple for beginners, and operates around the clock, including weekends. The trader have just to Sign up, verify your account then Start investing immediately.

We will provide services of currency buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Monacoin, etc.

Our vision: gather trader under one umbrella
Our mission: ease and secure trader transaction.



HUNTER DEVIZ is peer to peer mobile application connecting buyers of fiat and crypto currencies sellers and allow vendors open accounts, make their offerings available at a set price and provide their currencies wallet and their payment information,. To make a purchase, buyers can browse through available offerings, create an account and purchase various top crypto currencies with a credit card or wire transfer.

Linked to payment gateways, HUNTER DEVIZ allow buyers to pay with their credit card and any other payment solution. The application allow its users trading, market watching, negotiating and supply agreement. Secure and guaranteed, the platform will request an identity based account to avoid fraud, insure total transparency and sidestep any potential harm to its users.

HUNTER DEVIZ will provide services such as Bank Transfers, Online Wallets, Gift Cards and Cash Payment. We hope tomorrow we can allow our user to trade virtually anything they own, from precious metal and gold to contracts and stock market.

Through Hunter network of providers, the platform will guarantee verified vendors to insure the protection and guarantees for the traders. Hunter Deviz is a safe third party that guarantees each party his rights through highly secure terms.

Our vision: make crypto transaction like today bank transfer
Our mission: insure verified vendors and attract promising users



Hunter MARKET is an educational and knowhow mobile application that provides the knowledge needed for every trader by sharing their experiences and opinions so the traders can follow their preferred trading advisor and make use of their experiences. The platform have three main source of revenue; selling packages to professional, copy strategy commission and API activation fees

The application link service provider in the crypto world to crypto users. Trainer, teacher, and expert can provide training, seminar and analysis report and advisory online against subscription package and predefined fees. In the other hand, users will be able to access to all the mentioned services against commission and fixed fees.

Hunter MARKET promise to valorize the crypto world professional by providing a professional market place rather than using social media and instant chat application to manage its audience. Expert and professional will profit from a wide range of features offered by the application to scale up their level and grow their revenue through a wider market coverage and well reputable expert search engine.

Our vision: Cashless Crypto Coin world
Our mission: Share knowledge and knowhow about crypto through a win-win relationship